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有投影映射技术加持,几乎可以在所有表面覆盖动态画面,让观众带入无限可能得世界。使用科视Christie® 技术,图像与视频经校正融合,可与建筑物、室内空间、物体和自然景观等不规则形状的表面融为一体。

科视Christie® 技术被广泛运用于全球范围内令人印象深刻的投影映射展示中,从巨形雕像,到冰球体育场的冰面,或是在数字涂鸦节上用餐桌映射展示,为观众带来独特的美食体验。


从高亮度投影机,强大的处理功能,到直观的自动图像校正和显示控制工具,科视Christie 的技术和专业积淀可以为您设计实现全球闻名的投影映射方案。   


我们的激光和 RGB 纯激光投影机种类繁多,特色功能专为用户需求设计,优于同类产品。


我们的许多投影机都内置科视Christie Twist 科视Christie Twist 几何校正和融合软件,可轻松进行边缘融合,将多台投影仪机的图像无缝堆叠在任何 2D 或 3D 表面上。

科视Christie Mystique® 可与科视Christie Twist 或潘多拉魔盒® 软件配合使用,自动完成校正和融合过程。只需点一下鼠标,这款基于摄像头自动对齐校正的软件便可在几分钟内自动图像校正、堆叠和融合多投影机系统,准确性出众。 

Mystique 支持冰面和球场投影映射,以及建筑物、地标和物体表面 3D 投影映射。欢迎了解科视Christie 赛场投影映射解决方案的更多信息。

打造 360° 球形投影

潘多拉魔盒是目前首个集成软边缘融合技术的多媒体服务器软件。借助潘多拉魔盒服务器的实时 3D 渲染引擎,它配备更先进的图像几何校正与边缘融合技术,在后投影和前投影中,其投影机设置也更灵活。借助软边缘融合与 3D 几何校正技术,您可以创建引人入胜,无缝融合的 360° 球形投影。  


从项目构想到实现——我们屡获殊荣的科视Christie 潘多拉魔盒多媒体服务器和播放器让用户得以完全控制整个工作流程,在提高效率的同时让您尽情发挥创造力,打造令人惊叹的视觉体验。


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Frequently asked questions

What is projection mapping and how is it different from traditional projection?

Projection mapping is a technique where almost any surface can be masked with dynamic visuals. By warping and blending images to fit on irregularly shaped surfaces, projection mapping solutions allow you to transform buildings, interior spaces, objects, and natural landscapes into works of art.

What are some common applications of projection mapping?

Some common applications for projection mapping include projecting onto buildings, statues, theatre productions, theme parks, museums, concerts, art installations, and playing surfaces at sporting events. With Christie® projection mapping solutions, almost any surface can be masked with dynamic visuals.

What are some of the challenges of projection mapping?

Projection mapping shows are complex projects that involve challenges such as audience size and location, ambient and site conditions, approvals, and AV budgets. Partnering with a manufacturer, staging company, or integrator with proven expertise helps streamline the entire process and mitigate risks.

Another challenge is developing content and visuals that tell a story and fit into the environment. For permanent installations, having a long-term content strategy is key to keeping the installation fresh and engaging for your audience.

What are some common environmental factors that can affect projection mapping?

Weather is one of the biggest environmental factors for outdoor projection mapping shows. For example, rain can make a light surface darker and mute colors in your projection. You also need to consider wind, temperatures, and moisture. For both outdoor and indoor projection mapping shows, you need to consider things like the amount of ambient light, distance from the projection surface, and if there are any obstructions to overcome.

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