Lamp-based cubes

Seamless imaging of multiple projection devices that creates one continuous, high-resolution video wall. It’s all yours with Christie’s dual-lamp, video wall display cubes.

For more than 30 years, Christie has been manufacturing high-performance, video wall display systems.  Our dual lamp-based display cubes are purpose built for 24/7 data-monitoring environments and offer a wide range of resolutions, brightness and display sizes.

Christie’s dual lamp-based video wall displays

Christie offers these standard-sized, stackable, dual lamp-based rear-screen projection cubes:

We can also build a video wall to your design specifications in sizes from 60 inches to 100 inches and built to order for the best size, resolution and brightness match.

Purpose-built for high performance

Christie’s dual lamp-based display cubes produce clear, brilliant images that stay consistent across the display wall and across time. Here are the features that make our dual lamp-based display cubes high performing:

  • An industry-standard 4:3 aspect ratio
  • A nearly seamless fit, with only a 1 millimeter nominal space between screens
  • Geometric precision that produces seamless imaging across multiple displays
  • Specialty color and brightness management features for the best matching across multiple displays
  • Long-life, redundant lamps, including a hot-swappable, automatic lamp changer to minimize interruption if there’s a lamp failure.

Purpose built for reliability

All Christie video wall display solutions use proven technologies, such as DLP®, that can withstand constant, long-term use without degrading in performance. Our video wall display solutions have a mean time between failures (MTBF) on major modules of 50,000 hours – that’s nearly six years of uninterrupted operation!

  • MTBF of over 63,000 hours on rear-projection systems
  • 1-chip DLP® technology offers superior images and long-life stability
  • Dust-free, sealed optics protect critical optical components from even the smallest particles

Low cost of ownership – by design

High performance and high reliability translate into low cost of ownership. With Christie’s lamp-based, video wall display cubes you can expect:

  • Extremely long-life lamps and a lamp redundancy feature that saves time and money;
  • The best prorated lamp warranties – not only for the original lamps supplied, but also for replacement lamps; and
  • A modular design that means if one component needs repair or replacement, it doesn’t affect the rest of the video wall.