High reliability simulation projection solutions enables extensive, consistent use with minimal downtime.

As your partner in simulation, our world-class sales engineers, project managers, design and mechanical engineers and integration experts work together to deliver the most advanced, functional, and intuitive simulation display solutions.  By utilizing the best in breed commodities combined with all proven Christie technologies and Christie system engineering and architecture built into the design, Christie delivers application-specific solutions. Once integrated, you can expect consistent, repeat performance without worry as Christie’s high product reliability enables extensive, consistent use with minimal downtime.

LED-based illumination with InfraRGB™ (RGB + IR)

The original Christie Matrix StIM™ simulation projection solution was developed by leveraging “disruptive” technologies in the commercial market space, such as LED illumination, combined with Christie unique technologies and systems architecture, to enable previously unattainable levels of performance and capabilities. The Christie Matrix StIM and Christie Matrix StIM WQ are “revolutionary” development in visual simulation.

Built on an inherently stable long-life platform that doesn’t use polarization filters or fade over time, Christie offers a unique lamp-less illumination system for unprecedented stability and reliability offering up to 50,000 hrs Mean Time Between Failure (MTBF). With no consumables, the Christie Matrix StIM and Christie Matrix StIM WQ provide years of continuous operation. Very low power consumption directly translates to lower operating heat, less cooling requirements and cost savings in electricity for a dramatic reduction in sustainment costs

The Christie Matrix StIM and Christie Matrix StIM WQ require no mechanical shutters or moving parts in the optical path, no prisms to combine multiple image sources and no polarizers to degrade over time. The reliability and stability of the DMD image source has been proven in the field. And the LED illumination source in the Christie Matrix StIM and Christie Matrix StIM WQ completely eliminates the requirement for regular lamp changes.

ArrayLOC™ stability and reliability

With Christie ArrayLOC™ we employ a network architecture that enables individual projectors to effectively become ‘intelligent display nodes’ in a larger system infrastructure, taking advantage of system alignment data and image content information that is measured and utilized on a real-time basis.   This provides our customers with unprecedented levels of system stability and reliability.

Mean-Time-Between Failures

The comparatively low Mean-Time-Between Failures (MTBFs) of previous projection systems effectively put a ceiling on projection array scalability for simulation. The technology and systems engineering incorporated into the Christie Matrix StIM also enables unprecedented levels of maintenance-free operation. With Christie Matrix StIM, we haven’t just “raised the bar” on scalability, we’ve revolutionized it!