Leveraging tried and tested commercial technologies for purpose-built simulation solutions.

The Christie Matrix Series employs two alternative illumination technologies: arc-lamps and LEDs. These are represented by the Christie Matrix J Series and the Christie Matrix StIM™ and Christie Matrix StIM WQ. The Christie Matrix Series of projectors are the optimum choice for simulation applications where the key requirement is real world visual displays for the purpose of simulated training.

LED-based illumination - Christie Matrix StIM and Christie Matrix StIM WQ

Christie Matrix StIM Simulation Projection SystemAt the core of the Christie Matrix StIM and Christie Matrix StIM WQ simulation projectors is a single DMD with 650,000 MTBF. When combined with solid state illumination, it provides unmatched picture reliability along with a filter-free design for a low total cost of ownership for a reliable, accurate picture that will stand the test of time. Unlike other standard single-chip DLP® projectors, with LED illumination there is no color wheel. No color wheel means no rainbow, or strobe effects, no artifacts and higher reliability for overall projector performance.

Christie InfraRGB™

Unique InfraRGB™ illumination removes the restrictions of a lamp. The projector can be oriented in portrait, landscape or anywhere in between to more optimally cover the overall display. The projector can be mounted on any one of five sides, including the back for greater installation flexibility. It can be built into installations with limited access – no routine maintenance is required.

An industry first, Christie has developed a unique capability of processing and displaying infrared content for true-to-life night vision goggle stimulation called InfraScene™. The unique infrared function in the Christie Matrix StIM and Christie Matrix StIM WQ allows for the simultaneous display of both visible light and infrared projection from a common display engine. The Christie Matrix StIM and Christie Matrix StiM WQ can display a true night scene simulation experience with simultaneous accurate stimulated infrared signatures.

Christie InfraScene™

The Christie Matrix StIM enables a new level of training by utilizing both visible light and near-IR.  Through Christie InfraScene, the unique capability of processing and displaying infrared content, independent control of both the visible and infrared image supports the simultaneous display of both visible light AND the IR spectrum. This creates a practical, deployable, real-world simulation system that enables new simulation capabilities such as training with real NVGs.

Christie ArrayLOC™

The Christie Matrix StIM features intelligent image display – synchronized, real-time color and brightness balancing that self-adjusts and reduces the amount of time, labor and costs associated with maintaining a simulation display.

Lamp-based illumination - Christie Matrix Series

Christie Matrix HD4 Simulation ProjectorThe Christie Matrix Series offers exceptional image quality from highly reliable WUXGA, SXGA+ and HD DLP® technology, high-quality optics and 10-bit image processing. Delivering unsurpassed color, brightness uniformity and control capabilities, images are crisp, clean and detailed for a truly realistic simulation experience.  And, this proven digital technology is low maintenance with over 650,000 hours Mean Time Between Failure (MTBF).

Lamp-based and powered by Xenon illumination, the Christie Matrix Series models offer superior image quality and the ability to color-match multiple projectors for extremely bright, color-rich, uniform images – whether multiple projectors on a single screen, or multiple tiled screen displays.