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远程监控、现场服务和维护 -- 24小时全天候

We know that stoppages are not desirable. In order to expand your AV/IT service team, our mission is to keep your customers' equipment running and to make a lot of money. You only need to make a call and we will respond quickly and Efficient to emergency service issues within the specified time.

Monitoring display - all weather

The Christie Network Operations Center (NOC) is a 24/7 operation that is monitored by experienced Christie technicians for visual displays in the US and Canada. The team needs to track the system status of thousands of displays every day to ensure normal and smooth operation .

Active response

In response to questions, Christie Professional Services provides support and services to customers through NOC and help desks.

NOC response

The team's advanced predictive maintenance tools enable potential problems to be discovered before the display system is impacted, and software upgrade notifications are provided in advance for timely maintenance.

Our NOC team will contact the customer after discovering potential problems with the visual display system and provide consulting services and solution guidance. In addition, the team works with a number of trusted and reliable field service technicians and quickly arranges on-site service and emergency repairs.

Christie Professional Services Help Desk

Just call, and Christie provides system-wide diagnostics and solutions for end-user hardware and business application failures. Help desk services include the following:

  • All calls are single-line contacts , including calls that need to be sent to other service providers for resolution
  • Rapid analysis management report on current business problems , system and service performance
  • Provide end-user support for quick problem resolution and more cost-effective support and training
  • Global coverage and response options - to meet your business needs
  • 对所有紧急服务电话进行编档记录,以便备查并对重复出现的问题及其分析方法进行追踪
  • 科视Christie本地工程师可前往客户所在地,以对设备进行维修


我们训练有素的专家建立的综合网络可提供全套完整的现场服务和技术支持。科视Christie 地区办事处及全球各战略区域内配备有科视Christie客户服务工程师(CSEs)团队、技术系统安装人员(TSIs)以及现场应用工程师(FAEs),能提供卓越的专业技术知识,对系统问题作出快速响应,并提供解决方案。




  • 拓展产品质保服务
  • 系统培训 -- 现场培训和在线培训


Christie Network Operations Center

The Christie Network Operations Center (NOC) is a 24/7/365 facility where experienced Christie technicians monitor your visual displays throughout Canada and the United States.

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